Crafted, Personal, Architecture

Crafted, Personal, Architecture

Crafted, personal, Architecture

About Us

Outset Think is a boutique residential architecture practice designing innovative and modern homes.

We believe that architecture is born from the link between light and space, time and society.

At Outset Think, our architecture is rooted in present but expresses the history of the place and the passage of time using beautiful, aging, and traditional materials in innovative ways. Our projects emphasize honest materiality and craft, and the relation between indoor and outdoor space, through carefully selected, tactile, and handcrafted finishes.

Modern residential properties are often built using generic designs. Make sure that your home is unique and created specifically for you by getting in touch with Outset Think. Based in Reading, our architects specialize in innovative and creative architecture, focusing on residential buildings. Using more than 10 years of experience, they start by analyzing context and provide multiple design options and a flexible design concept. Our architects have the technical skills to translate the initial hand sketches of the design into crafted, unique architecture.

Discover more about our residential architecture. Contact our architects now, in Reading.